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College Pro

A complete college management software having user friendly interfaces and thorough reporting

It can be used both in top-level and bottom-level College management for daily operation. All the facilities for retrieving like student information, teacher’s information, fees management will be added, deleted, updated and saved in the project i.e. when a new student will come for admission all the information regarding the student will be filled in which course he will have submitted, submitted the fees, attendance chart, teacher’s or non-teaching staff information. We can easily see and maintain that how many students are in the College, how many courses & many more

The software makes it easier for managers to know the current status of a college attendance including student attendance, fee, test, classes, syllabus, library records and much more can be handled by university or college. College Pro approach was designed to minimize the difficulty that colleges face in concurrently handling odd-even semesters. This is easy to use with all forms of operating system and mobile devices equipped college management system. The college can now achieve the goal of becoming a paperless organization with this efficient and safe solution.